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    Text art

    November 10, 2013 by Lottiemarie507

    -Text art-

    Alot of people see on clash of clans words and texts in big writing. Ill show you some websites you can get symbols and words from but not all texts work As we all know there is a limited writing space of the chat of the game so most picture will turn out wrong or not work.

    (I have tried copying and pasting alot of texts and pictures into this blog so you guys can easily copy and paste them but unfortunately the huge amount of texts are classed as spam..)

    SO! Once you find some kind of text art that you like, go into your settings on your device, Click General > Keyboard... Shown in picture 1

    Once you're in keyboard goto shortcuts... Shown in picture 2

    And add a shortcut. Now paste the text art in the box saying "Phrase" and then typ…

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