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  • Lucmad

    How to create a poll

    January 31, 2016 by Lucmad

    Many people who want to create a poll don't know how to. This is a simple guide on how to create a poll.

     1. You must go into source mode

    2. Once in source mode you must create the pole using a little bit of HTML.

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  • Lucmad

    Creating a sucsesful clan can be very hard, but rewarding work. The hardest part of keeping a clan going is getting through the first few weeks. The first few weeks of a clan's existence can either make the clan or brake it. I have composed this guide for anyone who wants to a) create their own clan, b) improve their newly made clan so that iit can survive, and c) improve their already exsistent clan that has been around for a good ammount of time but is not doing so well. I hope this blog post will be a great help to all those who read it.

    This section was created for all you noobs. For more indepth information on clans please visit the clan page located on this wiki.

    A clan is basically something you can join to be with other players.

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  • Lucmad


    January 15, 2016 by Lucmad

    I would just like to say hi to everyone. If you want to say hi too, please say it in the comments section below.

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