Fast way to get trophies

I have a good strategy to get trophies quite fast. First, don't expect too much, if you go after somebody alot better than you, then you probaly will loose, look for somebody that will give you a reward of 20-25 trophies. Also dont expect to get 3 stars every time.  If you are able to train balloons in your barracks, then train a few of those and then when you are attacking somebody then take out their defences that can take out balloons, Archer Tower, Air Defence, Wizard Tower, Etc. The balloons will go straight at the enemys defences so when ever it takes them all out you can send in more troops to finish it off. You can get quite a few trophies per day, If i get on alot in a day I can usually get 75+ trophies a day. Don't get upset if you only get 1 star, That will happen sometimes, atleast you didn't loose trophies. Sometimes you won't win but that is okay, you can always get trophies back. 

 What I usually train: 3 Balloons, 3 Giants, and The Rest, Barbarians and Archers

 What Defences can attack balloons: Archer Tower, Air Defence, Wizard Tower, Air Bomb, Seeking Air Mine, Hidden Tesla, X-Bow, and Inferno Tower

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