• MKueny101

    Head chopper, no it dosnt chop off heads but this building is a post with either saws on it or wooden spikes swinging in cicrles it does 360 spin constant. To makeee it fair it could give damage each time it hit a troop. Attack lets say 23 and hitpoints its weak because its an overpowered defense so 300 title could be 2 away from it so only targets are troops that get up close to it.

    Talked about Freeze tower, basiclly a small mountain with idk a snowman on it. Freeze tower attack could be same as the freeze spell and hitpoints 500

    My trap idea is like a spring trap but it pushes the troop sback 5-7 area space and deals a ittle bit damage of fall. This ould be a way for smart strategy and defensive play.

    I have troop ideas on my profile if yo…

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  • MKueny101

    New Troop Ideas

    August 2, 2014 by MKueny101

    I have two troop ideas

    The werewolf 

    Ive seen many peoples suggestions for wolfs and werewolf but I haven't seen the same ideas as mine

    When you train the werewolf it goes into your army camp as a human and maintains a human until you place it down in a raid. Then it quickly transforms into a wolf, hence the name werewolf.





    The above was just an example but they could be varied depending on the level and to train I would say 120 Dark exlir and housing space 7.

    The spider

    Again many ideas on this one too but just hear me out on what i have to say

    The spider is a fast moving creature, that can spindle up walls and shoot at defenses with its silk web to slow them down. When comes into contact with clan t…

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