I have two troop ideas

The werewolf 

Ive seen many peoples suggestions for wolfs and werewolf but I haven't seen the same ideas as mine

When you train the werewolf it goes into your army camp as a human and maintains a human until you place it down in a raid. Then it quickly transforms into a wolf, hence the name werewolf.





The above was just an example but they could be varied depending on the level and to train I would say 120 Dark exlir and housing space 7.

The spider

Again many ideas on this one too but just hear me out on what i have to say

The spider is a fast moving creature, that can spindle up walls and shoot at defenses with its silk web to slow them down. When comes into contact with clan troops it could possibly stop them in place. But distance troops can still fight.

Web: 70%



Targets: Ground and Air

That was level 1 stats, and Dark exlir 50 the housing space 12

None of these are final so please don't go off on me how thats dumb or over powered. Supercell please  consider and if you do like these ideas give me credit please and more ideas to come