• Maddenman27

    My brother and I are in a clan together. I have coc on my phone and that's the only device I use coc on. I also have an ipod touch with coc installed on it, but I'm a th 1 on that device; I never use it. My brother got a new phone and was having issues switching to his new device. So I did him a favor. I logged out of gamecenter on my Ipod touch, logged into his gamecenter, opened coc on my ipod and transferred his account to his android from my ipod, then I logged out of his gamecenter and back into mine. I now want to start a second account. But when I go into coc, it's STILL my brothers base. When I get on, a message shows up asking if I want to go to th 1. I want to hit accept, but fear that if I do, my brother on his android will loseā€¦

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