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  • MagmaHound

    This is a pretty nice number for an edit count. Four fours, there's no more opportunity because "Five Fives" comes at 55,555 which would take years.

    So Ima just enjoy my four fours. Oh wait, it just got bumped up to 4,445 as I uploaded this pic. NOooooo... :(

    Speaking of which, I think it has been forever ever since I got 4K... yeah I'm less active now :/

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  • MagmaHound

    Richest Clasher Alive

    April 25, 2015 by MagmaHound

    This guy with this base over here is probably the richest Clasher alive right now.

    I can't speak, I can't speak. The degree of gemming on this base is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!

    And I don't even understand how this guy manages to win 700+ attacks and still has this kind of base. It's not everyday you get to see a base showing off all 11 levels of Walls at the same time (try to spot them if you can!).

    I can't comprehend anything now. I feel so bad for this guy, I cut out his name. :/

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  • MagmaHound

    This is just a little list I decided to create, showing 7 ways you can save yourself from those pesky Goblins that showed up when you were a TH1. Not that it'll be of any use, though. This list was just for kicks.

    1. Exploit the fact that they walked slow as. Since they walked so slow you might as well place a Spring Trap to stop them completely. Or place a corner's Hut, even if they destroy your whole base they won't have time to grab your Builder's Hut.

    '2. 'Exploit the fact that they target defenses first. Throw your TH and other stuff away and place all your defenses in one cluster somewhere. As they come watch them get wrecked by the mass amount of defenses.

    '3. 'Exploit the fact that since they target defenses first, they won't react to…

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  • MagmaHound

    So this is a page made for holding the provisional stats of altered troops from the Alterator. If you don't know what that is then you should see this thread: New Concept: Alterator.

    An advantage when increased An advantage when decreased Debatable advantage when increased
    • Health
    • Damage
    • Range
    • Number of Spawned Sub-Troops

    • Training Cost
    • Training Time
    • Housing Space

    • Movement Speed
    • Attack Speed

    Now onto the provisional stats of the altered troops! Barbarian: Would have higher health in trade for damage

    Archer: Increased range in exchange for damage

    Goblin: Does more damage to resources (3x ?) in trade with movement speed and a slight nerf in HP

    Giant: Increased HP but slower movement speed?

    Wall Breaker: HP buffed but a decrease in damage done to walls (only 3…

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  • MagmaHound

    Witches get Sprung!!!

    March 29, 2015 by MagmaHound

    To be honest, this is the first time ever I've seen a Witch get hit by a Spring Trap. Not even in hundreds of videos that I watched have I remembered the Spring Trap launching off a Witch.

    I don't really know if you've seen something like this, but I just know it's rare because the Skeletons are likely to set off the Spring Trap before the Witch can do so.

    Without further adue: ---->

    Background: This was my own attack going up against a TH10 with GoWiWiPe. Never knew this could happen until it happened. :/

    Despite the Witch fail I still got 2 stars on the base :D

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