This is just a little list I decided to create, showing 7 ways you can save yourself from those pesky Goblins that showed up when you were a TH1. Not that it'll be of any use, though. This list was just for kicks.

1. Exploit the fact that they walked slow as. Since they walked so slow you might as well place a Spring Trap to stop them completely. Or place a corner's Hut, even if they destroy your whole base they won't have time to grab your Builder's Hut.

'2. 'Exploit the fact that they target defenses first. Throw your TH and other stuff away and place all your defenses in one cluster somewhere. As they come watch them get wrecked by the mass amount of defenses.

'3. 'Exploit the fact that since they target defenses first, they won't react to Clan Castle troops. So grab yourself a Valkyrie and get to defending against them before a player comes along and takes her out for a spin (:P).

4. Exploit the fact that they behave like Giants. In the sense that they can't penetrate Walls easily simply place your defenses behind a Wall and let them do the work.

'5. 'Exploit the fact that they're level 1. Get a level 2 Mortar or level 4 Wizard Tower, both which can oneshot them easily. This makes dealing with these guys a lot easier and thus you will never have to worry about them anymore.

6. Exploit the fact that there are only 2 of them. So prep up your defense and CC troops and overkill them.

7. Exploit the fact that all of the above is overkill. No matter how many times they show up you should never ever have trouble in the first place so why bother if they're gonna lose to a level 1 Cannon anyways? Disregard statements 1-6, they're complete overkill. The fact that they going up against a level 1 Cannon is the fairest fight of all means that fight is the best to watch of them all. :P