So the two undisputed kings of farming. I'm just making a comparison of them.

Training Time

Normal Barracks Composition & Army Space No Dark Barracks Active (Barch) 1 DB Active (BAM) 2 DB Active (BAM)
1 Barbs, 3 Archers (200 space) 19m 36s 15m 33s 12m 53s
1 Barbs, 3 Archers (220 space) 21m 34s 17m 6s 14m 10s
1 Barbs, 3 Archers (240 space) 23m 32s 18m 39s 15m 27s
2 Barbs, 2 Archers (200 space) 18m 31s 14m 51s 12m 24s

2 Barbs, 2 Archers (220 space)

20m 22s 16m 20s 13m 38s
2 Barbs, 2 Archers (240 space) 22m 13s 17m 49s 14m 53s

Pros of the Armies over the other

In my opinion, that is. If any expert farmers want to criticize this, go ahead.

Barch BAM
  • Can be used at all levels
  • Better for high-trophy farming
  • DE-free
  • More consistent infantry (some people don't bother upgrading Minions)
  • Less stress over nexting (slower train time means more time to next before army finishes)
  • Don't have to worry about mixing ground and air troops
  • Great with Giant support, but Heal-reliant in that case
  • Quicker to train
  • Minions for areas with ground-only defenses
  • More capable at storage raiding
  • Less expensive in terms of Elixir used per raid
  • Better Gold per hour
  • Easier to pick off buildings for 50% farming (Archers and Minions both do building-picking)

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