So, this is a blog talking about the timeline and the potential future of Clan Wars. It's not all fun and games, but yeah. I've been wanting to do this for a while now, and I only had more reason to do this because of the Clan Perks update.

NOTE: This is my opinion, and entirely my opinion on its timeline. If you want to rant about it, you may do so at your own will.

Prior to Clan Wars, all there was in the name of "Clash of Clans" was simply troops attacking and defending from other troops. In my opinion, that was it. You fought players from other clans, raiding their other villages, and the only element of Clan vs Clan was the Clan Castle troops coming out to fight yours.

When Clan Wars was released, obviously many Clans wanted to try the new feature out for themselves. Clan activity simply increased as more and more clans rushed to find their ten members to start wars against each other. It revived many Clans and many different groups of friends started playing again because of that.

Maybe about a month later, some Clans were probably frustrated on why they were unable to win (common reasons are lack of participation in the war, inactive players, lack of knowledge on eliminating CC troops), and the players running them might have quit warring entirely, and Clans that revived for the sole purpose of Clan Wars went back to inactivity along with their members. Nonetheless, the Clans that could manage to win continued warring, and some stood out as war clans.

As time went by, more and more Clans dropped out of warring because of many of their opponents being serious about Clan Wars. Clans that had extremely bad war logs turned away many warring Clashers, so some of said Clans dismantled themselves and rebuilt themselves as a new clan with a fresh war log. Clans that dropped out of warring became inactive clans, or simply a clan devoted to farming with whatever members they had. They may have had a war every once in a while, but not too often.

It would have been arguable that there were two different types of Clans at that point: farming Clans and warring Clans, where the former rarely/never warred and the latter always warred with other warring Clans. At that point, any Clan not serious enough for the challenge would be thrashed easily.

Eventually there an exploit was born: farming wars. This was where a farming clan, keen to look for war bonuses, requested that the enemy clan have the top two bases to kick their THs outside so everyone in the farming clan would snipe the top two bases with perhaps a few Archers for maximum profit. They might also request that the enemy clan surrender the war so that the clan could win the war and, in most cases, over 1 million Gold and Elixir each. In return, the farmers would also have their top two THs exposed so that it wouldn't be such a painful loss for the enemy clan.

After the exploit, activity increased slightly among farming Clans, mainly because only a small portion of the farming Clans did so, with the rest of the farming Clans rarely or not warring at all. This caused mayhem in the warring Clans and the warring Clans were most likely not baffled; many still scored lots of stars whenever they came up against such a farming Clan.

As Clan Perks were released, Clan War activity increased again, powered by an incentive, Clan Perks themselves. Because higher Clan XP tallies would be earned from larger wars, there could have been many advertisements for Clans to fill up as quickly as possible.

As for the future, I would predict that many more players would want to join a high-level Clan and not new ones. Clan Perks sort of discouraged the formation of new Clans. I believe that there is a positive correlation between Clan level and number of applicants for a Clan; the higher the Clan level, the more players that would want to join such a Clan. Hence Clans that were unable to catch up to the high-level Clans suffered in their wake.

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