So, I'm going to investigate a common myth in Clash of Clans:

If you have less troops in your army when nexting, you'll find better loot.

So I have 220 troop space, I will test this three times: with 1 troop in my army, with 110 troops in my army and with the full 220 troops in my army.

For each, I will next 100 times, and this will be done twice to avoid anomaly. I will subsequently determine the mean and median of the datasets.

Loot as defined here is the sum of Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir found in each base.

Data table:

Data Set 1 troop, Test 1 1 troop, Test 2 110 troops, Test 1 110 troops, Test 2 220 troops, Test 1 220 troops, Test 2
Mean of Loot TBD TBD 125566 TBD 135363 141088
Median of Loot TBD TBD 105806 TBD 118568 108704
Overall Mean
Overall Median

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