So this is a blog post talking about the various slang and jargon used in Clash of Clans.

Note that I am not listing this in any particular order. Feel free to tell me about anything I missed.

Note 2: Any slang name in between speech marks ("(insert slangname here)") is probably not well-accepted by most of the community but probably only me. :D

Army Buildings/Troops

Building/Troop/thing Slang names
Army Camp Camp
Barracks Rax
Laboratory Lab
Dark Barracks Dark Rax
Clan Castle CC
Hero Altars Hero Pads, Royal Pads
Barbarian King BK, Burger King, King
Archer Queen AQ, Queen
Grand Warden Warden, GW
Hero Abilities Raging the King/Queen/Warden
Heroes Royals
Barbarian Barb
Archer Arch, "hoes with bows", "archies"
Goblin Gob, gobbo
Wall Breaker WB, Bombers, wall
Balloon Loon, ball
Wizard Wiz, wizzie, Harry Potter, master of facial hair
Healer Angel
Dragon Drag, "Taryth"
Minion Mini, devil's spawn
Hog Rider Hog, Mr T, black men, pig, piggies, Bacon
Valkyrie Valk
Witch "Hermione Granger"
Lava Hound Lava, hound, "Magma Hound", "Magma"
Bowler Bowl, Bo
Skeleton Skelly :3, Larry :D
Lightning Spell Lightning, zap
Healing Spell Heal
Rage Spell Rage, angry spell, "grr"
Jump Spell Jump
Freeze Spell Freeze
Poison Spell Poison
Earthquake Spell Earthquake, Quake
Haste Spell Haste, "sanic spell"

Attack Strategies

Strategy composition Strategy name
Barbarians and Archers Barch
Barbarians, Archers and Minions BAM
Barbarians, Archers and Goblins BAG
Barbarians, Archers and Giants GiBarch, BAG (as some call it)
Barbarians, Archers, Goblins and Giants GiBAG, BAGG, Giant BAG
Golems, Wizards and PEKKAs GoWiPe
Giants, Wizards and PEKKAs GiWiPe
Golems, Wizards and Witches GoWiWi
Giants, Wizards and Witches GiWiWi (very rare)
Golems, Wizards, Witches and PEKKAs GoWiWiPe
Giants, Wizards, Witches and PEKKAs GiWiWiPe (really rare)
Balloons and Minions Balloonion, Balloonian, loonion
Lava Hounds, Balloons and Minions Lavaloonion, Lavaloonian
4 Lava Hounds, Balloons and Minions Quatrolavaloonion
Dragons and Balloons Dragoon
Giants and Healers Giant-Healer
Giants and Wizards GiWi
Giants, Wizards and Healers GiWi-Healer, GiWiHe, GiHeWi
Golems, Wizards, Witches and Bowlers GoWiBoWi, GoBoWiWi
Golems, Barbarians and Archers GoBarch, BAGo
Golems, Valkyries and PEKKAs GoVaPe
Giants, Valkyries and PEKKAs GiVaPe
2 of all troops (except Lava Hound) Noah's Ark
Hog Riders, Balloons, Wizards and Witches HoLoWiWi
Dragons Mass Dragons
All <troop here> Mass <troop here>

Defensive Buildings and Traps

Defense Name Slang names
Archer Tower AT, arch tower
Wizard Tower WT, wiz tower
Air Defense AD, anti-airtroop gun, fireworks shooter
Air Sweeper Sweeper, hairdryer, leaf blower, *anything else related to wind*
Giant Bomb GB, big bomb
two Giant Bombs DGB, a hog's worst nightmare
X-Bow Crossbow
X-Bow set to air & ground Air-bow (as I call it)
Skeleton Trap Skelly Trap :3
Inferno Tower IT, Inferno
Multi-targeting Inferno Tower Multi-inferno, disco
Eagle Artillery Arty, Eagle, EA


Wall level Slang name
1 wood, wooden, noob's wall
2 stone, "a stronger noob's wall"
3 smoother stone, "iron" (my first impression)
4 iron, steel
5 golden
6 pink, crystals, pink crystals
7 purples, tall crystals, "grapes"
8 blackies, skulls
9 legos, nipples(?)
10 lavas, flames
11 magmas, "LAVA WATERFALLS", maxed walls, etc.


Thing Slang name
Town Hall TH, hall
Trophies cups
Clan Wars CW, war, "1v1 with a hostile clan"
Gold Mine mine
Elixir Collector collector, pump
Dark Elixir Drill DE drill, drill
Attacking DE storages with Lightning Spells zapping DE
Attacking outside Town Halls sniping TH
Protecting Town Halls with Teslas or traps trapping TH
Destroying CC troops and heroes, stealing as much loot as possible while leaving without a shield The 29% treatment, shieldless torture
3-starring a base Wrecking, destroying, killing, steamrolling, etc
Protecting only storages and not Town Hall farming
A base that protects only Town Hall and not storages trophy base, push base
Gold Grab (Gold stolen tally) GG
Elixir Escapade (Elixir stolen tally) EE
Heroic Heist (Dark Elixir stolen tally) HH
Someone with a weak base for their Town Hall premie, rusher, "free 3-stars"
Someone who moves from clan to clan for whatever reason hopper, clan hopper