After getting sniped with full loot, and with no builders willing to help me spend my gold, I have decided that instead of giving up my base to TH10 who will definitely steal over 400K off me, I decided I would offer that 400+K gold to the first person that found me. So, whether you are TH6, TH9 or TH10, I have decided that you get free 400K+ Gold by offering up all my Gold Storages and Gold Mines to the first guy to find me. Only one or two guys will get this amazing amount of Gold. Good luck, if you do find my base snipe my TH and the Gold Storages with your Archers for easy Gold XD

MagmaHound FreeLoot

Good luck!

This will be the base you'll see. Except that the Gold Mines will have about total 70K available to loot for you. For a total of about 420K Gold, but the Elixir and DE will be a pretty decent fight though. If you're even luckier, I will stun my heroes for an easier raid :P

When to find me: 23 February 2015, around 11:30 PM GMT.

Where to find me: Hanging in low Crystal, waiting for somebody to take my gold. You'll find me if you're hovering at around 1900-2100 trophies.

What to bring: 30 Archers, that's enough for all the gold in this base.

Let the party start! :P

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