So this is a list of what makes each Town Hall level different, and why some gaps are not easy to deal with.

Just so you know, a "gap" is the difference between a TH level and the next.

This list assumes that the higher TH level is maxed. The bulletpoints show what the TH above has an advantage in.

Note: Extra power takes both DPS and HP into account. Adding 1 troop to a 1 troop army, for example, is going to increase power by approximately 300% because it has twice the health and DPS each.

The Low Levels (TH1-TH4)

TH1 vs TH2

File:100px-Town Hall1.png
  • 25 Walls (to hinder Barbarians)
  • Level 2 Army Camps, increasing space from 20 to 30, thus yielding approximately 125% extra power when attacking with a all-Barbarian army
  • Archer Tower (an extra point defense)

Gap Difficulty to Survive:

Defense: Impossible because the Cannons you get are easily overwhelmed

Attack: You can still overwhelm the defenses because they are all single-target, but beware of defenses behind Walls.

TH2 vs TH3

File:100px-Town Hall2.png
  • Mortar (powerful defense at this level)
  • Level 2 Tier 1 troops (nearly impossible to deal with at TH2)
  • A second Army Camp plus the fact that they can be upgraded to level 3, increasing space from 30 to 70, thus yielding approximately 444% extra power when attacking with all Barbarians (not including the upgrade to level 2 nor Clan Castle Barbarians)
  • The ability to rebuild the Clan Castle and get maxed troops from it
  • 25 more Walls to hinder even more Barbarians
  • 2 Bombs (minor but can be devastating to Tier 1)

Gap Difficulty to Survive:

Defense: Impossible because 70 troops (80 if you count CC) can definitely overwhelm three single-target defenses.

Attack: Very hard because of the Mortar that, when properly placed can wreak havoc on your army. Although Giants negate this disadvantage they still may have Walls to break through and TH2s don't have Wall Breakers. TH3 defenses are meant to defend against 70 troops and they can shred 30 troops easily.

TH3 vs TH4

Town Hall3
  • Level 2 Tier 2 troops (except Wizards)
  • Balloons to deal with the fact that TH3s have only one anti-air defense and no aerial traps.
  • 2 Spring Traps to wreck nearly half an army's worth of raid.
  • The ability to upgrade the Clan Castle to level 2 and get more maxed troops from it.
  • 25 more Walls, plus level 4 Walls.
  • Level 2 Mortar (still an OP defense at this level)
  • Ability to upgrade Army Camps to level 4, increasing space from 70 to 80, yielding approximately 30% extra power in an army.
  • A second Archer Tower and an Air Defense to fight back against CC Balloons

Gap Difficulty to Survive:

Defense: Very hard because Balloons when massed can easily 3-star TH3s but other compositions might fail to 3-star it due to the Mortar

Attack: Not easy because of the second Archer Tower plus the level 2 Mortar that can stop level 2 Archers quickly. The Air Defenses stop CC Balloons, but it is usually placed outside.

TH4 vs TH5

Town Hall4
  • Lightning Spell, level 4 can wreak havoc on the base
  • Wizards to make a more powerful Giant attack more viable.
  • Level 3 Tier 1 troops, including Archers that can't be oneshot by the level 2 Mortar
  • Speaking of Mortars, level 3 Mortar.
  • The third Army Camp, plus level 5 Camps, increasing space from 80 to 135, yielding approximately 184% extra power in an army.
  • The Wizard Tower, another powerful splash defense that looks like it can destroy your troops quickly.
  • 25 more Walls, plus level 5 Walls.
  • A third Cannon and Archer Tower to deal with massed troops better
  • 2 more Bombs to deal with Tier 1 troops.
  • Air Bombs to deal with any Balloons that come to the base

Gap Difficulty to Survive:

Defense: Nearly impossible because TH4 defenses are not supposed to deal with Giant-Wizards, nor an army as powerful as 2 TH4 armies not including the Lightning Spell and Level 3 Archers that lasts twice as long as Level 2 Archers under Level 2 Mortars.

Attack: Very hard because of the Wizard Tower and Level 3 Mortar, plus the level 5 Walls that take 3 level 2 Wall Breakers to destroy, plus the two Air Bombs that stop Balloons completely. The extra point defenses can shred massed troops quicker than at TH4.

Note: This list is unfinished.