Day 0/Night 1: The Beginning of a new TH9

So I pretty much maxed my TH8 over 4 months. Except for 41 walls and the new Drill and Level 12 mines & pumps.

Rewind to the time just before my TH8.

Sunday, August 10, 2014.

I still hadn't calmed down from the hype over my most recent 880K raid that last day as a TH7. It was on a TH10, in Silver 1. It was my biggest loot raid ever. I did it with Barch. 2-starred him, 71%, because he was farming. Although he revenged me later that day, the loss wasn't that devastating. Perfect way to prepare for TH8.

Monday, August 11, 2014.

I'm going to school this morning. My TH8 would finish at noon, so the Barch raid I do this morning will be my last at TH7. 

I remember hyping up at around 12:00, right in the middle of my class.

As I logged in after school, I quickly built the new storages, the drill, the Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, the Air Defense. A TH8 was born.

Fast-forward to December 13, 2014.

I'm locked and loaded for TH9. Literally 100% full Gold, Elixir and DE storages, not to mention an extra 1,500 DE in the CC. All maxed defenses for TH8, and maxed Elixir troops, and spells.

My only goal that day was to maintain full storages for TH9. Being a Crystal Leaguer I don't get raided much, so I was kinda worried when I got raided twice in a row over the span of 12 hours or something. But the raid that morning was a snipe who took 22K Elixir from my pumps. The resulting shield lasted me through the countdown.

When the countdown approached 20 minutes, I logged on and started farming, despite my filled storages. Knowing that, it would be the last time I would farm as a TH8. Obviously I got nowhere. Being one to share awesome victory, I went on to global and chatted on how I should prepare for TH9. Since I only had 4 builders, I could not do everything.

Obviously I built my new traps and walls first.

Because of my full DE, I decided to get my Archer Queen straight to Level 2. That's one builder.

I decided to get my new Archer Tower with my second builder and stay on the 15 minutes it took to build. Then, I decided to upgrade the Lab with him once it finished.

I used my third builder to build the Wizard Tower.

Seeing I still had a lot of gold left, I decided to upgrade all my new walls to pinkies (Level 6) and get an X-Bow with the rest.

Results: ~200K gold left, ~3.8M elixir left, ~20K DE left.

As for the rest of the elixir, I decided to save up for Archer Level 6.

A new TH9 was born in the reaches of the Crystal League.

Day 1: Preparation Day

As my Archer Queen finished, I made the first builder do the Air Defense.

I was in the middle of a clan war at that time. The PEKKA I requested last night didn't show up, so I waited and waited, but no luck. 

I wanted to use Gowipe on the No.1 base, and wanted to do so once my Archer Queen finished upgrading.

Eventually I decided, I would stick with wizards in my CC.

The enemy's CC was outside, no big deal. So I tried to destroy the CC troops, but I couldn't kill the last bunch of archers and 1 wizard.

The raid went relatively badly, PEKKAs and heroes veering off to the side. But my Archer Queen decided to save the raid, turning onto the Town Hall, with nothing the defenses could do.

Result: 65%, 2 star.

After that I simply went farming to build the new Tesla.

But I never realized my elixir went up to 5M. At this rate, farming for Level 6 Archers is a breeze.

I'll wait for the builder doing the Tesla, and ask him if he could do me a favor and upgrade one of the Army Camps next. Whee.

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