My Attack Strategies

Note: Many of these strategies have not been tested. Just yet. 

Giant BAG - for farming Dark Elixir

If trophies are not a matter this is a decent strategy for farming DE to get your Heroes up a few levels!

BAM - for farming Gold and Elixir

A popular farming strategy for farming both Gold and Elixir for quickly getting upgrades!

TH8 GoWiWipe - for Clan Wars

A GoWipe/GoWiWi hybrid strategy great for dealing with TH8s!

Balloonion for 50% - for high-league Trophy Pushing at TH8

A great way to reach the Champions League at TH8 where your Barch can't!

Giant-Mass Wizards - TH7 GiWiHe variant

Want more DPS into your Giant-Healer? Try this!

Mass Barbarians and the Lone Healer - for low-level attacking variety

Ever wanted to easily 3-star a TH4 but get tired of Giants? Try this!

--> TH5 edition

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