• As soon as you enter a new TH level prepare to get wrecked by a person that is maxed for the TH above you. So prepare yourself against Giant-Healer at Town Hall 5 =O
  • If you have less than 1 million and your TH outside you will have a 99% chance of getting sniped. (less than 750K for TH6, 500K for TH5, 200K for TH4)
  • Don't complain about mismatches in war, deal with them.
  • If all your storages and your TH is outside I have no idea what you are trying to defend. But I'll surely take all the loot you have, and the 50% =D
  • All the rushed TH10 complaining about loot should deserve to get punished in Crystal II where loot is actually viable.
  • You'll be fine rushing TH, that is, if you mind having a harder time in progressing :-)
  • If your enemy clan in war has gotten 130 stars in 6 hours don't fret. You have 18 more hours to tie the war up.
  • Go for million raids when you find them, there's definitely enough to sate both collector and storage raiders.
  • If you can't have maxed out camps for your Town Hall level that's great, I know you won't be able to do much against me.
  • Good job if you do next a 500K+ raid, at least that's one for me if I do find it.
  • If you wanna rush your heroes, upgrade them five levels at a time. If you wanna gem your heroes, upgrade them from 0 to 40 in 5.8 seconds :D
  • Farming isn't about the million raids, it's about the resources per hour. It's a good farming if you attack 20 times per hour yet never find above 100k if you find enough resources (50k).
  • Don't worry if you have only level 4 Archers, think about the people that have level 3 and below :P Yes, think positively.
  • If the "farming" TH9 you are attacking is Teslaing his TH, don't fret. At least when you are attacking the base itself you'll have four less Teslas to deal with :-)
  • Don't let the fear of failure prevent you from attacking that base. Go and score 5% on those TH10s as TH4s :P

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