So this is the list of criteria that defines a noob. I wouldn't say anyone meeting only one or two of these criteria are considered a noob, but anyone who meets like at least half of these criteria deserve to be called noob. No offense to anyone that I define noob, you can always rectify your mistakes.

Criteria of a Noob

  • Requests for maxed troops that can't fit in their CC. Also known as the guys who scream in clan chat "MAXED DRAGONS OR PEKKAS ONLY" with a level 1 Clan Castle.
  • Super-rushed TH. Anyone TH9 that is less than level 40, or any TH10 less than level 50. Usually has level 2-3 walls, with maybe 1 level 8 wall or something along those lines.
  • Kicks TH and storages outside. Also known as the guys I can't really determine what they want to protect.
  • Doesn't kill CC troops. Or, put simply, the players who fail miserably in trophy pushing or clan wars and cannot seem to achieve any more than 12% because of the Clan Castle.
  • 0% Mass Dragger. Those who spam 10 Dragons down all on the same spot to attempt to kill 6 level 5 Wizards. Fails miserably, and wastes hundreds of thousands of Elixir, all for nothing in the clan war.
  • Free Elder/Co Hunter. They refuse to join the clan unless it offers free Elder or Co-Leader, and get mad when the leader, some kid, kicks them out when he fails to farm all 4 storages out of the TH7 as a TH6.
  • "My base is invincible!" They build a TH3 base, claim it to be impervious to enemy attack, then complain when some other TH3 3-stars him because of exposed Mortar, easy-to-reach defenses, etc.
  • "Why's your TH outside?" People that never grasped the concept of farming.
  • Attacker of empty collectors. Finds a base with 210K/210K mostly in storages, takes out collectors, earns 10K/10K, wonders why he got so little loot.
  • Waller of Obstacles. Never realized it did nothing, man.
  • "You can't pass through Obstacles" If you're wondering, yes, they can pass through with no harm whatsoever.
  • Sub-400 cups. Wonders how people get cool gold and purple badges, when they're told to attack, does so and gets no badge still.
  • "You suck, you got 3-starred" So does he, but on a much more regular basis.
  • "You suck, you have less cups than me" More people that never, ever, grasped the concept of farming.
  • Rushers for nice stuff. Anyone who simply rushes their TH to unlock the X-Bow or Inferno Tower, at least.
  • Believers of the Natural Defense. Anyone who places all their buildings to one corner, and perhaps even don't wall in the TH at the very corner. When they get a 30 Goblin raid destroying all their storages, they're really asking for it XD
  • "Lemme just do it in case I don't get 50%" Any Barch farmer/cup pusher who just wastes his/her Lightning Spells whenever he/she doesn't reach 40%, thinking that "1 Lightning can surely grab me more than 10%, I've seen it in war, they're so OP (didn't know that that was triple Lightning on an AD)"
  • Insignificant Replay Bragger. Screams in clan chat with a replay where he "defends" a Barbarian King as a TH3, and never realizes that guy with the BK is going sub-200 farming.
  • WB as last resort. Sure they may have seen those clutch 50% with Wall Breakers' splash damage destroying one building for 50%, but they actually try to do it at 23% XD
  • Nextless Clasher. Can't seem to farm much because they're "forced" to attack bases with 10K due to them not knowing what the "next" button is for.
  • "I keep my TH in the middle because Global told me to". Initially has a base in the corner, then gets told by someone to place the base in the middle. Result: TH in the middle, unprotected :) and gets farmed easily due to his corner base being easily wrecked because he's that guy that also believes in the Natural Defense.

If you have more criteria feel free to inform me of it :D I'll be happy to add them here for the fun of it :P

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