Greetings, my username on the game is Guy Fawkes (if you haven't seen it on the You template)


My XP level is 99  XP

My TH level is 9 Town Hall9

My CC level is 5 65px

My trophy range is 1900-2100, or Crystal 3, for short  CrystalIII

I am in the clan "Corn Army", and I'm the leader there  45px

I have donated around 25,000 troops Archer lvl6

Raiding Records

My Gold Grab is about 280 million Capacity-gold

My Elixir Escapade is about 260 million Capacity-elixir

My Heroic Heist is about 575 thousand Icon DECapacity

My highest raid is about 914,100 resources total (~390K Gold, ~520K Elixir and ~100 DE)

Battle Records

I have won around 2450 battles in total ClanWars

I have won around 410 War Stars   Raid Star3

I have collected about 34 million gold in war bonus Capacity-gold

My trophy record is 2101 Trophy

I have won around 150 defenses  Shield

Favorite Stuff

My favorite troop for donation purposes is the ArcherArcher lvl6

My favorite troop to receive in donations is the WizardWizard5

My favorite troop overall is the Witch80px

My favorite defense is the Wizard Tower  Wizard Tower7

My favorite troop combination for farming is BAM 65px Clash of clans level 6 barbarians Archer lvl6

My favorite troop combination for war is GOWIPE   Golem info Wizard5 65px

I prefer farming collectors over storages, but I can do both Gold Mine11

Other Achievements

My score on the Campaign map is 147/150   SinglePlayer

I have removed about 900 obstacles 80px

I have destroyed about 5900 walls Wall11

I have destroyed about 1500 Town Halls Town Hall10

I have destroyed about 5000 Builder's Huts 80px

I have destroyed about 1200 Mortars  Mortar8

I have destroyed around 75 X-Bows Xbow3

I have destroyed around 11 Inferno Towers Inferno Tower Single3