Here are some things you might (and probably) not know about Clash of Clans. I perhaps did a lot of research just to do it. Many of these are found in the changelog :D

  1. The implied Alchemists in the game are also known to have developed a sleeping potion. In the version 3.25 changelog (date: 5/2/13), under the Hero improvements, it is implied that Hero regeneration times were reduced "thanks to the Alchemists' new sleep potion". Yes, the Alchemists that work in your Laboratory did more than just upgrade your troops :P
  2. Dark Elixir is made out of Black Dragon fossils. As DE was introduced in version 3.3, they included a little backstory that DE was formed over aeons from fossilized Black Dragon bones. Although Black Dragons don't seem to exist anymore in the present day of the game, back in the day of 3.3, Black Dragons were actually level 3 Dragons.
  3. There were only 2 levels of Dragons at one point in Clash of Clans. Yes, there were only 2 levels of Dragons from the global release of Clash until version 2.44 (date: 18/9/12), which made that fact pretty-short lived. 2.44 added the level 3 Dragon, so yeah, one can infer that there were only 2 levels for Dragons when the game was fresh out of the oven.
  4. Town Hall 9 players used to have only one X-Bow for their defense. This statement is nearly unbelievable nowadays, but prior to those TH10 days this was pretty much the norm. The second X-Bow for TH9 was added in version 3.3, the same update that introduced DE.
  5. Level 30 Heroes once took 1300 minutes to regenerate. But not anymore, thanks to the "sleeping potion". This was when Heroes were first introduced, and was quickly reduced by a great amount less than one month later.

If I find anymore, I guess I'll just add them here.

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