Here's some fun facts from both number-crunching and the Unit Calcuators page. Rather useless trivia, but it kind of helps somewhat to gauge whether your next upgrades are good or not so good.

  • A Level 6 Wizard under a Level 5 Rage Spell can one-shot a level 1 Archer Queen (oh, that hurts!)
  • Of all hero levels, only level 40 can destroy a level 1 Wizard Tower in 2 hits.
  • A level 6 Barbarian King can one-shot a level 5 Wizard. A level 8 Barbarian King can one-shot a level 6 Wizard.
  • Whereas, a level 5 Archer Queen is required to one-shot a level 4 Wizard. Level 12 and 14 AQs can one-shot level 5 and 6 Wizards respectively.
  • No TH9 can have an Archer Queen that can one-shot a hero Altar or a Builder's Hut (requires level 31 to one-shot). However, the level 30 Barbarian King will suffice.
  • A level 1 Dragon cannot take on a level 7 or 8 Air Defense by itself. Similarly, a level 2 Dragon cannot take on a level 8 Air Defense by itself. Both are suicide missions and the Dragon will lose.
  • A level 2 PEKKA coupled with a Rage Spell level 1 can one-shot a Town Hall level 1. Town Halls up to 5 can be one-shot by PEKKA level 5 plus level 5 Rage.
  • A level 5 Golem under Level 2 or higher Rage can destroy level 1 Walls in one hit.
  • It takes exactly 1000 shots for a level 1 Archer to destroy a level 11 Wall (dude, the battle's long over, man)

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