So this is a fun little blog post questioning the logic of Clash. I understand that CoC and logic don't co-exist very well here :D so here are some points that contradict real life logic.

  • How does a Builder hammer on a building for 13 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes to achieve nothing, then the next moment every look of the building changes completely? Think about it, if you're upgrading a defense your Builder sits there hammering the defense for days on end and it looks like nothing has changed. When it finishes it just suddenly changes into the look of the next level.
  • How does a Lab upgrade simply make everyone in the camps change their clothes? When you get your troop upgraded such that they will undergo a visual change, they just change their looks completely and instantly. It's like, how can you suddenly change your clothes when you're outside chilling with your friends?
  • It's so easy to move buildings around, it's as if they're made out of paper! In reality, it'd take forever to demolish a TH and place it somewhere else. Whereas you can move your other buildings so easily in-game. Even the grass moves along with the building too!
  • How do defenses turn themselves around when unmanned? It's scary, even the level 1 Cannon does it too! Unless.... some of our Villagers are working undercover!!!
  • Changing the base that Archers and Wizards stand on makes them stronger! Haha, yeah. Notice how the level 5 Wizard does more DPS when standing on a level 7 WT than on a level 5 one.
  • Just because there's a band around the Elixir Storage means that it can store a lot more! That band around the level 11 Elixir Storage must be able to hold 1,000,000 Elixir XD
  • What are you doing clapping at a mushroom? Yeah, those Villagers are most definitely bored. Instead of actually living a fun and safe life when being protected by all those defenses, they choose to clap at an obstacle.
  • Hammering a glass storage just doesn't seem to work. Either that storage is made of plastic, or it's just gonna break very easily. And how do you even hammer a band around the glass when upgrading the Elixir Storage from level 10 to 11?
  • Hammering bushes to destroy them. Dang, the Builder's hammer seems to double as a grasscutter! 

If you have any more, feel free to tell me here!

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