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please do not delete this page i am still working on it.( ;

52 views]wowAdded by Nickeboy97Raiding is all about what troops you use and how to use them. Most of the times i raid in clash of clans are sucsessful, this is only because of how I use my troops and where to use them. A good army depends on the troops category like tier 1 and tier 2 troops. personally what I think of a good army is 20 barbs,26 arch,20 gob,7 giants,1 healer, 1 dragon,10 wallbreakers,5 wizards and 5 minions. This attack would always be sucsessful depending on how you placed your troops! Healers are an important part of attacking for the players who have them. They can have a MASSIVE effect on the tide of the battle. Giants are very useful too they are basically giant sponges since the only thing they are used for is to soak up damage. A good army composition for lower trophy levels is 9 giants, 5 wallbreakers and the rest split between archers and goblins. 

[2][ Clash of Clans Attack Strategy - Farming(18:47) 123 views]lets raid!Added by Liontear301[3]ROCK ON!Added by Mediapluck[4]Lol the 3rd best player got raidedAdded by DragonTrainer53


00:07, May 30, 2013 (UTC)Malik777 (talk)If you are just starting to collect dark elixer here are some few strategies:

  • One way to collect dark elixer is to use the lightning spell, though this isn't always useful when you are trying to collect alot of dark elixer.
  • If you take out the air defenses you can either use a dragon or a level 2 minion to grab some dark elixer!
  • HEROES​, heroes are one of the newer updates to clash of clans alongside dark elixer.Heroes can be used to guard your villiage or attack somebody elses villiage! 
  • If attacking a villiage and they have a hero use archers against it, This will only work if you have atleast 15 archers! This only work towards level 1 and level 2 barbarian king and level 1 and level 2 archer queen.
  • If using a HERO to defend your villiage place it near your town hall or the most IMPORTANT part of your base!
  • The barbarian king is best used for attacks because of his high health,Put him behind your troops and watch him make HAVOC!
  • The archer queen is best used for defense because of her attack speed and long range.
  • Dark troops are also a new update they are more powerful than regular troops but they also cost dark elixer to train.
  • Dark troops have abilities unlike regular troops, There is the MINION,HOG RIDER,VALKERIE and GOLEM
  • The minion is the cheapest and most useable dark troop available, He has relatively low health but can pack quite a punch in bunches!
  • The hog rider looks like the american actor MR.T, He has enough health to rival a giant and has the ability to hop walls without the jump spell.
  • The valkerie has 750 health and is like a pekka without armor this awesome troop can take out multiple enemies with her whirlwind axe.GIRL POWER!
  • Last but not least is the terrifying GOLEM this warrior splits in two when killed and has 4,500 health! WOW

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