This is too the people who are STRUGGLING to earn trophies and is now thinking about buying gems. Fear no more, as I will help you!

I urge you to have at least 100,000 gold and 50,000 elixir for this.

If you don't mind spending gold and elixir on tier 1 troops, keep reading. If you mind, get out of here NOW.

~BARBARIAN KING/ ARCHER QUEEN OWNERS~                                                                                                                                                         If you don't own a Barbarian King, skip this section.

This is very easy with a Barbarian King. Saves you elixir (not gold)!

Find a match and keep clicking "Next" until you find someone  with their town hall OUTSIDE that is not within the range of a single defense. Mortar, archer/wizard towers, cannons, clan castle and heroes!

Unleash your Barbarian King and wait until the Town Hall is destroyed, then press End Battle. You can do it over and over again!


Train 20~50 Barbarians or Archers (one of them not both). Wait patiently.

After they are trained, search for a person with their Town Hall outside. Keep searching until you find someone.

Unleash 10 archer/barbarians if the level of Town Hall is 1~4. 15 if 5~6. 7 is 25. 8+ do 30+ troops but try to keep under 40 troops.

I hope this helps a lot and that you are satisfied with this strategy and I hope it helped.

You will get 1~10 trophies on this way.

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