aka MIcke

  • I live in Serbia
  • I was born on July 14
  • Micke081

    detailed written how I lost village ....

    I started the game june 2014, I played a continuously until the day 12.12.2014 .. that day was replaced by an unknown person in my village ... and the problem was ... and here's how ...

    the man who had the same name as the village and I lost the password for your mail .. complained to support the game and the error does not support allowed him entrance to my village ... thinking it was his village .... I tried to 1000 ways out of players from my village, but I did not manage ... I wrote and support in the game and sent 10 e-mails safely at different addresses SUPERC but I could not get an answer ... I have written on various social networks to look for a solution for my problem .. keeping the hope tha…

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