Just wondering if anyone has advice regarding staying online indefinitely to avoid raids.

Clash of clans with recent update will force a logout after 8 hours of play.  Is there a way to circumvent this?  If not, what about being able to walk away from your ipad for a long time and not getting the 5 min inactivity boot?

I've look online and saw a trick with a tangerine placed on top of your ipad and apparently it moves the screen.  Tried it for a few minutes but haven't done it for extended length of time as I'm on a trophy push at present.  It seems to work for a few minutes and then the screen freezes which I imagine after 5 minutes will get the boot.

What about going to single player campaign and leaving it there? 

Any suggestions outside of hacking the game which I'm not going to do or requiring a jail broken device would be appreciated.


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