CLASH OF CLAN is a great game but some things in the game on the lines of graphical images just don't add up.

    • One thing that i and several of my friends have noticed is that the hopper on your gold mine that hold all the gold from the mine cart, has lively green grass growing in it. Ok cool thats fine but why is it growing? If its being crushed by a kings fortune of gold then that should be a wooded bottom or just dirt.
    • ever notice that the Barbarian king and Archer queen sleep on their totem with their eyes wide open? Your probably have not. This is something that can be seen best if you are an iPad user. Not sure if you can see that minute feature if your on a iPhone/iPod Touch.
    • Ever noticed that those random block shaped leaves in the trees around the outside of the map are the SAME EXACT textures used for the gold ores that come out of your gold mine but just with a new color?

What have you noticed when playing clash of clans that does not add up ?

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