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Clan Guidelines:

Mission Statement: Have fun, respect other players, understand everyone brings different strengths to the group. Donations help everyone, but donate at a level that allows you to play the game also. Be mature, curtious and not overly obnoxious and you'll do fine. Help us get to the top and remember make it a great clash time or not, the choice is yours. Getting kicked from the clan Clan Elders should only kick players in extreme situations. Issue a warning first, and report incident to the clan leader(s) You will get warned or kicked for breaking any of the clan rules Any type of threat is grounds for immediate removal be Leaders or Elders Not paticipating in clan wars is grounds for being kicked Consistently low donations is grounds for being kicked Promotions and Demotions Clan Elders will recommend clan members for promotion on this forum or in-game Reasons to Recommend Exceptional clan donations Participates in war (To be Continued) Only leader(s) may promote or demote clan members Never ask for Elder as a clan member Promotions and demotions will take place every Sunday Donations Donation standard is: Archers, unless member requests other troops, or you clear with requester first Before requesting troops, you must fill any open requests on clan chat, troops used for war attack is the only exception to this rule so please specify Troop donation minimum starts when you reach town hall 7. This allows lower level players to reach town hall 7 quicker, which will help the clan Troops donated must be at least level 3 (this will raise as the clan becomes stronger). If a new player is added and they only have level three troops, they can ask before donating Donations will be a minimum of 0 per week for members and 200 for elder (this will raise as time goes on) and no less than 50% of your requested troops Activity Must be active, or check in to just help with donations An attempt should be made to reach the donation minimum per week. Players may go offline for a short period, be sure to notify one a Clan Leader/Other Players. If something unexpected should happen and you are removed, just notify us on this forum/clan request. If you were in good standing and there is still room, you will be added back to the clan Standards Trophy standards will be set/adjusted as group changes (starting at 0 and raising as time goes on). Members must attain these levels unless exceptions are granted by leader(s) Player level is less important, but will be set as group matures. Members must be at this level and should continue to grow through game play and donations War Max your clan castle potential!! Most powerful building so have it in the center and filled with the best troops for defending (remember troops donated on war screen are only used for defending the base, you cant use them to attack) Don't hesitate to release troops from your clan castle, only except the very best and make sure to specify what you want The bottom 50% of the clan, e.g. in a 20v20, 11-19 are the only ones allowed to attack within the first 12 hours of battle day. Your first attack must be your recommened target, your second attack is your choice Always attack with a full army (THIS INCLUDES CLAN CASTLE AND FULL SPELLS) to maximize stars Scout and replay if possible the base you are going to attack to find out all of it weakness Elders: Main role: To assist the entire clan with day to day operational issues. This role should not be seen as "better" than any other memeber and is not a status role. A member could be promoted to an Elder roll as a temporary position to help while another Elder is away, or because of time zone issues. This role is defined by CoC and allows little flexibility as to assigning duties. Some of the specific points for the roll of Elder are as follows: Clan Elder are expected to follow the "Rules of Conduct" and preform above these standards If an Elder fails to preform, he/she may get demoted/kicked, depending on the severity If an Elders donations are poor, they may be demoted At no time is an Elder allowed to disrespect anyone else in the clan At no time is an Elder allowed to intimidate other players, they are members just like everyone else, who are expected to act like mentors If an Elder needs to remove a member, this will be done respectfully, regardless of how the member was acting toward the clan Keep in mind your status in our group is not based on if you are an Elder or not, but how active you are, whatyou contribute to the group and how you treat other players Clan Leader Council: Co-leaders Only given to those are have earned the upmost trust of everyone and has dutifully and responsibly followed all of the clan rules and regulations There will only ever be 4 co-leaders and 1 clan leader in this clan Clan Sr. Leadership Will consist of 2-4 most trusted Elders, Co-leaders and Clan Leader. They will manage the general direction of the clan Management Elders: This group is reserved for every other elder that is not in the Clan Sr. Council This number is viable to fluxiate and change as the situation demands it Help with the day to day maintenance of the clan, e.g. accepting new members, answering questions about the clan and other general assistance This group will rotate to allow different people to help with the general clan management General Clan Hierarchy: Clan Sr. Leadership Council Leader- Mayhem Co-leader- GodsHolyAngels Elder- Elder- Elder- Elder- Clan Management Elders Elder- Kayy Elder- DarkestRenegade Elder- Master Potrock Elder- EXUnforgiv3n Elder- WReX285

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