• Misso5

    I'm back

    July 20, 2013 by Misso5

    I'm finally back after aboout 2 month and a half of not being so active. I kinda took a break from the wiki.

    It was due to my finals and school which was why I was inactive for 2 month.

    Those 15 days was just me on vacation with limited internet and then when I came back I didn't use the wiki for a week for no reason.

    If you have any questions about the game,ask me on my message wall. I'll be glad to answer.

    I might also post my "editing schedule" which is like: Check the forum saturdays or report bad comments sunday etc.. so I don't forget anything.

    Edit: This is so random lulz.

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  • Misso5

    Finally 500 edits

    April 23, 2013 by Misso5

    After many month of not caring about my edit count,I reached  500 edits. I got the 500 edit for moving a thread while patroling the forum.

    I would like to thank every staff on the wiki for making it possible. Benz for showing me this wiki and for being a great friend.

    Blazed for making a birthday post just make my day and for being a great friend

    Obelix,Syn and Blazed for helping me become rollback.

    Brady: because of him I got over 50 mainspace edits

    All the admins and rollbacks for keeping this wiki safe from vandal.

    And Badwolf for being bad.

    You guys are awesome and without every single one of you I wouldn't be what I am today. Some of you were my friends from start and others got to know me and also became great friends.

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