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  • Misssupersal

    Hi all,

    It's been discussed amongst the admins that the Troops Comparison Tables are out of date and that we have other material to replace them so if no-one objects we are going to remove them.

    The Defence HTK page gives a detailed table of Troop strength and is presented in a more compact view.

    Please reply in the comments section below if you would like to add anything to the discussion.

    Thanks, Mss :)

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  • Misssupersal

    Edit Summaries

    December 3, 2012 by Misssupersal

    Hey all,

    Since I added the line on the home page in regards to adding Edit Summaries when making an edit, I've noticed that most of the time everyone has been doing it. It's really helpful when people have a quick glance at the Recent Activity list and don't have to click on 'Show me the changes' for each and every little edit.

    So this is a thank-you post for taking care of the little details. It may seem trivial but makes a big difference, especially when editors only have a short amount of time but just want to look over things to see how it's all going.

    Another thing, I think it's worth mentioning that the team of contributors at Clash of Clans Wiki, both logged-in and anonymous, have done a great job getting things done. There are a broad…

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  • Misssupersal

    A New Page Idea

    October 31, 2012 by Misssupersal

    Hi all,

    Apart from the strategy and politics, trolling and annoyance that this awesome game creates, it's also responsible for some incredibly funny moments as well.

    The other day I read a post from a player that went as follows; 'I just raided a guy with 143 Wall Breakers, hope he enjoys the free 11 trophies and the funny replay! Oh yeah, did I mention that he didn't have many walls left at the end of it.'

    Reading this got me thinking, I'd like us to include here a 'Funny Moments' page or something of the like. It's great having all the technical data regarding the game but adding a flip sided approach page would really break things up and add the 'personal experience' touch that I think would boost this wiki to another level. Sure people li…

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  • Misssupersal

    Global chat

    October 24, 2012 by Misssupersal

    I am new to the game itself, and even newer to wiki contribution, so this post is entirely subjective opinion, however, since joining the game the most significant change since the last update for me is the global chat reporting system.

    It seems quite rediculous to me that my fate on the global chat is in the hands of any given player. Granted, it would be an impossible workload for the staff at Supercell to have any form of revision process in place to screen the chat reports but on the other hand, putting that responsibility into the hands of each and every player is equally rediculous.

    From what I can gather, a majority of players are really annoyed and disappointed at the state of the global chat and I'm wondering if anyone here shares t…

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