Hi all,

Apart from the strategy and politics, trolling and annoyance that this awesome game creates, it's also responsible for some incredibly funny moments as well.

The other day I read a post from a player that went as follows; 'I just raided a guy with 143 Wall Breakers, hope he enjoys the free 11 trophies and the funny replay! Oh yeah, did I mention that he didn't have many walls left at the end of it.'

Reading this got me thinking, I'd like us to include here a 'Funny Moments' page or something of the like. It's great having all the technical data regarding the game but adding a flip sided approach page would really break things up and add the 'personal experience' touch that I think would boost this wiki to another level. Sure people like to have access to important and accurate information but the chance to input their personal experiences on a humorous level is something that most people love.

Also, on the topic of new pages, would a 'Battle Strategies' page be worth adding??

Thanks for reading, would love to hear what you think.

Cheers :) mss

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