Hey all,

Since I added the line on the home page in regards to adding Edit Summaries when making an edit, I've noticed that most of the time everyone has been doing it. It's really helpful when people have a quick glance at the Recent Activity list and don't have to click on 'Show me the changes' for each and every little edit.

So this is a thank-you post for taking care of the little details. It may seem trivial but makes a big difference, especially when editors only have a short amount of time but just want to look over things to see how it's all going.

Another thing, I think it's worth mentioning that the team of contributors at Clash of Clans Wiki, both logged-in and anonymous, have done a great job getting things done. There are a broad range of skills that people bring to the table and everyone seems to work well together. It is a pleasure working with the contributors here.

To finish off, here's something I had a laugh at; when I published that point about adding an Edit Summary, I didn't actually add an Edit Summary for it. Of all edits to omit a Summary from, that's probably the worst!

Thanks for reading, Mss :)

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