Please do not delete or edit, I will slowly add to this page over time.

Please add a town hall level 10 with features similar to this:

Cost: 5M gold. Time to build: 12 days. Look: Same as original suggestion.

Features: Archer Tower + 1. Cannon + 2. Mortar + 1. Air Defense + 1. Walls + 75. Gold and Elixir Storages + 1.

Levels: Barbarian King- To level 40, sword turns gold at level 35, diamond at level 40. Archer Queen- To level 40, gains dark elixir arrows at level 35, green gem arrows at level 40. Dark Elixir Drill and Storage Level 7: Dark Elixir Drill spiked edges become obsidian. Dark Elixir Storage all spikes become gold, and spikes on ALL EDGES of the building too.

Modified League Levels, like this:

Bronze Junior: 400 trophies, 1500 gold and elixir per battle (pb), Bronze Amateur: 500 trophies, 3500 gold and elixir pb, Bronze Pro: 600 trophies, 5500 gold and elixir pb, Bronze Ultra: 700 trophies, 7500 gold and elixir pb, Silver Junior: 800 trophies, 10k gold and elixir pb, Silver Amateur: 900 trophies, 13k gold and elixir pb, Silver Pro: 1k trophies, 16k gold and elixir pb, Silver Ultra: 1.2k trophies, 20k gold and elixir and 25 dark elixir pb, Gold Junior: 1.4k trophies, 25k gold and elixir and 60 dark elixir pb, Gold Amateur: 1.6k trophies, 30k gold and elixir and 100 dark elixir pb, Gold Pro: 1.8k trophies, 35k gold and elixir and 150 dark elixir pb, Gold Ultra: 2k trophies, 50k gold and elixir and 200 dark elixir pb, Platinum Junior: 2.2k trophies, 75k gold and elixir and 300 dark elixir pb, Platinum Amateur: 2.4k trophies, 100k gold and elixir and 450 dark elixir pb, Platinum Pro: 2.7k trophies, 150k gold and elixir and 600 dark elixir pb, Platinum Ultra: 3k trophies, 250k gold and elixir and 800 dark elixir pb, Diamond Junior: 3.3k trophies, 350k gold and elixir and 1k dark elixir pb, Diamond Amateur: 3.6k trophies, 500k gold and elixir and 1.5k dark elixir pb, Diamond Pro: 4k trophies, 666k gold and elixir and 2k dark elixir pb, Diamond Ultra: 4.5k trophies, 833k gold and elixir and 3k dark elixir pb, Uranium Junior: 5k trophies, 1M gold and elixir and 5k dark elixir pb, Uranium Amateur: 6k trophies, 2M gold and elixir and 8k dark elixir pb, Uranium Pro: 7k trophies, 3M gold and elixir and 14k dark elixir pb, Uranium Ultra: 8k trophies, 5M gold and elixir and 20k dark elixir pb, MASTER LEAGUE: 10k trophies, 8M gold and elixir and 30k dark elixir pb,


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