Hey guys,

Now that we have gathered a few active editors, I would like to give some tips on how to edit:

1) Never, ever put your opinion inside an article. This is such an example: "When you have first started a clan, make sure you promote everybody to an elder, and change it to "Anybody can join". This is because a wiki is supposed to cover general info, not your opinion. Instead, you should change it to "Players should take note that starting a clan requires as many players as possible, thus it would be advisable to..."

2) Never, ever use the word "You". Like: "You should always put your mortar in the middle". Change it to words like "One" or "Players": "One should always put the mortar in the middle" or "Players are advised to place their mortars in the middle". 

3) GRAMMAR ERRORS. Everyone makes mistakes, so if you believe your grammar isn't that good, ask someone who has a good command of English to help rephrase what you want to write. 

4) Blog Posts. Blog Posts are things such as the one you are reading now. They help get accross crucial messages, so be sure to use them! 

Happy editing,

Moseszator :)

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