• Mr.DomD

    FROM ASHES:my clan story

    December 23, 2015 by Mr.DomD


    this is Mr.Dom leader of the clan REQUIEM AND M.To start off ,after getting inspired and being experienced as a co leaader in a good clan i decided to make my own clan.I was maybe a level 40+ guy but my desire to make a good clan was deep.I was always getting inspired and by looking at the good clans their leaders i couldnt wait to start my own clan.So one fine fine afternoon after l saw my cousin leading his own clan and being successful,i finally decided to make my own.But this time i was sure about this.So i read a bunch of articles and learnt the art of making a clan.So i sat down and came up with the name requiem and m,requiem means gift for remebrence or token for remembrence and m stands for monument.It was a c…

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