this is Mr.Dom leader of the clan REQUIEM AND M.To start off ,after getting inspired and being experienced as a co leaader in a good clan i decided to make my own clan.I was maybe a level 40+ guy but my desire to make a good clan was deep.I was always getting inspired and by looking at the good clans their leaders i couldnt wait to start my own clan.So one fine fine afternoon after l saw my cousin leading his own clan and being successful,i finally decided to make my own.But this time i was sure about this.So i read a bunch of articles and learnt the art of making a clan.So i sat down and came up with the name requiem and m,requiem means gift for remebrence or token for remembrence and m stands for monument.It was a cool start to bbe honest and i came up with nice strategies to recruit like i would write"obly 3 spots left for staff join" and stuff on global and people would actually join.After 2 days or so i got enough members so we could war,some people joined so people left and it went on and on.Luckily i found 4-5 loyal members who would join and help me.They were cool with sweet strategies and they helped me build a good platform for the coming future,but i was afool.After i got enough members i started taking the clan lightly and it fell apart i lost so many wars you couldnt imagine,and i was busy wiith my exams and stuff aand literally stopped playing coc.After losing 32 wars and winning just 9 ,i rose.i couldnt take it anymore i wanted to be a good leader so i started again.I recruited some loyal and good players who would make my clan what it is now .

I chose to be a good leader and lose no more wars.I think i am close but yet too  far.I am now active most of the time and interact well with my fellow clanmates,we help the lower ones get to a respected position and have a good clash of clan future.

I hope we get better and people like you help us get better .My dream is to make a clan which has it all.Right after the people who come from the start and make it to the top and we wanna do that because only if people fail people improve and we are improving

no more osof my clan strory ,i hope i get to the top and write one more but that will take a lot of patience and effort.comment and interact so that we can help each other and grow together


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