People may not seem to be reading my blogs, but someday people will find these and bring it up on the Supercell forums. Not that I care but blogs needs some views...

Anyways, welcome back clashers! Mr. RTS is back and I shall discuss the juicy update about to come. Could this change Clash forever? I don't know... But it includes...

Hidden Tesla Lvl 8: A long yearned defensive piece, it will have a thunderstorm of surprise for us attackers. It'll keeps the P.E.K.K.A.'s away, thats for sure. But sadly this piece will take more than half of the month to complete.

Valkyrie Refurbish: She has sharpened her axe and her mind as she will abuse her splash next update. No more cells with 2-6 buildings clumped inside, because she will go in the middle and use her splash to take all of those buildings out. She is the Whirlwind of Destruction for sure. But people seem to have already taken measures with spacing out buildings. Thinking she needs more than a shaper mind.

Jump Spell's 2nd Buff: I don't know what more they could do to increase usage of this spell. But we shall see after this Summer update. And they made it so troops will actually use it, and decreased radius to 7. Lvl 3 is also there.

Lvl 5 Pekka: To combat the Lvl 8 Tesla, lets add lvl 5 Pekka. They resized them to be as big as the heroes, too. 380 DPS and 4500 HP seems promising, oh wait, they'll reduce the cost for lvl 4 too. Better for me XD.

Hero Changes: I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that the skills will heal them and spawn double minions. The bad news is:

    * Reduced Rage Spell effect on heroes.
    * Reduced DPS and HP of both heroes. (Maybe both o.O, not sure on this.)
    * You can no longer lure them out (how stupid was that?).

Terrible changes but we kinda HAVE to deal with it. If I was main developer of Supercell this game would be #1 forever.

Now to discuss what SHOULD happen. Not gonna talk about heal-block. Got that through your heads. Blacksmiths, Economy branch of upgrades in the Laboratory. Keep the eyes peeled for more things!

Laboratory Branches: Troops, Spells, and Economy. Those are your three branches. You can only upgrade one at a time like usual. Economy researches cost elixir. They can be used to boost gold, dark elixir, and elixir production. You get three levels of these productions. Other changes include league bonus boost, trophy increase, also can be buffed by three levels.

BlackSmith: Tired of puny weapons? Well go to Builder Smith! He'll fix em up right away. Upgrade your minor stats, and go from the norm to a strategic force ready to destroy those defenses. But that is not all what Builder Smith does. He is also an expert carpenter. Build those defenses to keep offense out. Check my next blog soon.

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