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  • Mrboy101

    Update Ideas

    November 5, 2013 by Mrboy101

    In this post, I will talk about some ideas I have for upcoming clash of clans updates.

    Clock beside players name: This feature will be what time it is for that specific player (synchronized with their Timezone). This will be to help a clan organize themselves for meetings and knowing what time it is for their clan mates.

    More tiers within a clan: Co leader and High elder: If these two are implemented, these will be the abilities for each tier.

    Leader + Co leader: Change the clan symbol, description and requirements, kick without cooldown, Promotion and Demotion (All the same things a leader has right now) Sending out messages

    High Elder: Kick with 5m cooldown, Promotion, demotion with 15m cooldown

    Elder: Same that elder has now

    Member: No abilitie…

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  • Mrboy101

    The Elder Standard

    November 5, 2013 by Mrboy101

    In this post I will show you my criteria for choosing elders:

    1. The "New" status on the players name should be gone.

    2. The player should donate 200 troops at least per season. There can be an exception based on how long they have been there (eg: been there for 3 months but donated, already is an elder and donated 150)

    3. The player treats other players with respect

    4. The player is mature and is responsible

    5. The player doesn't make bad rescissions when under pressure

    6. The player should be trustworthy enough for you to give leader for a day then give it back.

    This is the criteria I use to choose elders.

    The criteria for demoting an elder:

    1. Donations 0-75 in a whole season.

    2. Has promoted and kicked for no reason.

    3. Has disobeyed your instruc…

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  • Mrboy101

    Building a Strong Defence

    October 7, 2013 by Mrboy101

    This is an opinion thing. Some of you may comepletely disagree with this and some of you may agree with this. 

    My first tip is to put traps. Honestly, this is one of the best ways to prevent 100% raids. PLACEMENT: Pick the side where you get attacked the most. On that side, right outside the walls or farthest outer buildings, put small bombs and spring traps. Also Make sure there is an air bomb covering each side of your base. With the Giant bombs, put them near your Town Hall along with any extra spring traps and bombs. Your Teslas should also be near the town hall. 

    Air defences should be parallel to eachother, covering the whole base. The main thing with Cannons and Archer Towers, Make sure they are also paraell to eachother. The more Sym…

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  • Mrboy101

    Best Update Ever

    August 28, 2013 by Mrboy101

    I think the recent update supercell released was the best update ever. why? Maybe you've seen my previous blogs but f you haven't, they've primarily been about preventing kickers without instant elder. Well now that this update rolled around, No need for this anti-kicker junk. I will show you Just how long and annoying it would be for a kicker.

    30m per kick.

    5 kicks: 2.5 hours

    10 kicks: 5 hours

    15 kicks: 7.5 hours

    20 kicks: 10 hours

    25 kicks: 12.5 hours

    30 kicks: 15 hours

    35 kicks: 17.5 hours

    40 kicks: 20 hours

    45 kicks: 22.5 hours.

    As you can see, it nearly takes nearly a day to kick 45. Even 5 kicks will be crazy boring and unless you're doing this at midnight, the leaders going to catch you. So kickers, don't even try. Thanks for reading and comme…

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  • Mrboy101

    The Kicker

    August 11, 2013 by Mrboy101

    I know lots of you call a kicker: A troller. 

    So today I will be talking about how to protect yourself: The easiest way is to make evryone elder. This is a safe and reliable way however you sacrafice politics. Some people are also turned off by clans where everyone is elder. Another way is: No one elder. Again, some people are turned off by this. Choosing carefully is probably the best way. Use these polocies for picking:

    1. They member must stay for AT LEAST 1 week.

    2. Have a number of donations they must reach. A good number to make sure your elders are really good is: 500.

    3. Only give people elder who talk a lot.

    4. Most importantly make sure you trust them.

    These polocies have insured that I have not encountered a kicker for a long time. Al…

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