I think the recent update supercell released was the best update ever. why? Maybe you've seen my previous blogs but f you haven't, they've primarily been about preventing kickers without instant elder. Well now that this update rolled around, No need for this anti-kicker junk. I will show you Just how long and annoying it would be for a kicker.

30m per kick.

5 kicks: 2.5 hours

10 kicks: 5 hours

15 kicks: 7.5 hours

20 kicks: 10 hours

25 kicks: 12.5 hours

30 kicks: 15 hours

35 kicks: 17.5 hours

40 kicks: 20 hours

45 kicks: 22.5 hours.

As you can see, it nearly takes nearly a day to kick 45. Even 5 kicks will be crazy boring and unless you're doing this at midnight, the leaders going to catch you. So kickers, don't even try. Thanks for reading and comment to request what my next blog will be about.

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