Clan Politics So as you know, there are three different types of players within a clan: Leader, Elder and Member. I will go through a few types of politics.

Ok to star we have Elder Meeting Clan. In an elder meeting clan, Elders are hand picked and have quite a lot of say. So with this type, you arrange a meeting time. Every day at that meeting time, The Leader and his/her elders meet at chat. To start, the leader suggests people he/she thinks should be: Kicked, Promoted or Demoted. If the leader suggests to kick: "bob" There will be a vote. Yes or No. If the person gets three vote against them, they get kicked. Elders also get to suggest people to kick. Same thing with Promoting and Demoting. 3 votes. The leader is the only one who can demote however. This is a type of clan where it is very easy to make decisions in a organized manner. Note: If you choose this set up, You MUST choose elders with EXTREME caution. A rebellious elder could cause disaster.

Next we have a Tyrant Clan. This is either a clan where EVERYONE is either elder or member. No Elders AND Members in the clan. This is so the leader has complete control over his/her clan. No meetings, Elders/Members have no say at all and the leader does what they want. These clans are fun for the leader but everyone else typically feels powerless.

Finally we have the Elders and Leader Dominate Clan. This is a clan with all 3 types of players however there are no meetings. With this type of clan it is similar to the Tyrant clan In that the leader does whatever they want. The difference with this type is that Elders are added. So being a plain member in this type of clan stinks. With this type of clan the leader usually only picks people they know.

Thanks for reading! Comment what you think.

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