Types of clans:

Elite clan- A clan that filters players, invite only, strict donating polocies, kicks inactive members.

Casual clan- Usually anyone can join, low minimum trophies very light rules/polocies. Keeps all members.

Instant elder- Clans that are either Elite or Casual but everyone is elder. This is usually to be protected by kickers and sometimes so the leader has ALL the power in the clan.

Common "text talk" within clan chat:

NP: No problem (after someone thanks you for donating)

YW: Your Welcome (same as NP)


Teirs: Teirs within a clan. Teir 1: 1-7, Teir 2: 8-14, Teir 3: 15-21, Teir 4: 21-28, Teir 5: 29-35 and so on.

Kicker: Hoppers with an evil purpose. Gain elder then kicking every member in the clan. (Instant elder clans are protected for obvious reasons)

Kicker Gangs: A gang of kickers (usually 2-5 people) So they are hard to stop. Be very cautious to give elder. Especially if they say: "i'll bring bring my friends".

Thats aall for today, thanks for reading!

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