In this post I will show you my criteria for choosing elders:

1. The "New" status on the players name should be gone.

2. The player should donate 200 troops at least per season. There can be an exception based on how long they have been there (eg: been there for 3 months but donated, already is an elder and donated 150)

3. The player treats other players with respect

4. The player is mature and is responsible

5. The player doesn't make bad rescissions when under pressure

6. The player should be trustworthy enough for you to give leader for a day then give it back.

This is the criteria I use to choose elders.

The criteria for demoting an elder:

1. Donations 0-75 in a whole season.

2. Has promoted and kicked for no reason.

3. Has disobeyed your instructions

4. Has showed rudeness towards other players to the point of making them leave.

5. Abuses their authority

This criteria will make sure that all of your elders are good ones.

Thanks for reading and tell me if this helped. (This article is mainly for leaders)

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