I know lots of you call a kicker: A troller. 

So today I will be talking about how to protect yourself: The easiest way is to make evryone elder. This is a safe and reliable way however you sacrafice politics. Some people are also turned off by clans where everyone is elder. Another way is: No one elder. Again, some people are turned off by this. Choosing carefully is probably the best way. Use these polocies for picking:

1. They member must stay for AT LEAST 1 week.

2. Have a number of donations they must reach. A good number to make sure your elders are really good is: 500.

3. Only give people elder who talk a lot.

4. Most importantly make sure you trust them.

These polocies have insured that I have not encountered a kicker for a long time. Also dont be bribed. EVER. Just because someone is champion leauge doesn't mean they are trustworthy. Also if someone says: "I'm leaving if I don't get elder" means they are VERY likely to ba a kicker. 

Another thing: Never give a person elder because they brought their friends. That group will most likely promote eachother and kick everyone.

Hope this article helped and read the rest of my posts!

Comment your experience with a troller below.

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