In this post, I will talk about some ideas I have for upcoming clash of clans updates.

Clock beside players name: This feature will be what time it is for that specific player (synchronized with their Timezone). This will be to help a clan organize themselves for meetings and knowing what time it is for their clan mates.

More tiers within a clan: Co leader and High elder: If these two are implemented, these will be the abilities for each tier.

Leader + Co leader: Change the clan symbol, description and requirements, kick without cooldown, Promotion and Demotion (All the same things a leader has right now) Sending out messages

High Elder: Kick with 5m cooldown, Promotion, demotion with 15m cooldown

Elder: Same that elder has now

Member: No abilities

Custom Clan symbol: Select an symbol, background pattern (if any) and color.

Private Chat: Type 1: Leader, Co leader, High Elder. Type 2: Leader, Co leader, high and normal elder.

Player Record: Includes: Previous clans, Previous times being kicked out or being elder. Also, another co/leader feature could be being able to flag someone as being: Inappropriate, Devious, A troller, this will appear in their record.

Thanks for reading and comment your ideas.

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