• Mxysaan

    This blog post is about idea for spells made by my resource idea, the Magic Dust, it's on

    Since they are made of Dust, I call them Powders. When you deploy them, you can hear a sprinkling sound.

    1. Sleeping Powder (gray)

    Any defence buildings and Heroes and Clan Castle Troops in the radius of this spell will fall into a deep sleep and will not wake up until the battle is over.

    Cost: 10 Magic Dust

    Radius: 8 Tiles

    Creating Time: 1 Hour

    When this bottle of Powder hits the ground, a gray circle appears, ZZZs like those that appear above Builder's Huts pop up in random areas and plays a snoring sound similar to when you put your Hero to sleep, the ring only appears for 5 seconds, but the effect is for t…

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