This blog post is about idea for spells made by my resource idea, the Magic Dust, it's on

Since they are made of Dust, I call them Powders. When you deploy them, you can hear a sprinkling sound.

1. Sleeping Powder (gray)

Any defence buildings and Heroes and Clan Castle Troops in the radius of this spell will fall into a deep sleep and will not wake up until the battle is over.

Cost: 10 Magic Dust

Radius: 8 Tiles

Creating Time: 1 Hour

When this bottle of Powder hits the ground, a gray circle appears, ZZZs like those that appear above Builder's Huts pop up in random areas and plays a snoring sound similar to when you put your Hero to sleep, the ring only appears for 5 seconds, but the effect is for the whole battle. ZZZs appear above the sleeping items for the rest of the battle.

2. Hallucinating Powder (all kinds of colors, mostly pink)

Any defence buildings, Heroes and Clan Castle Troops in the radius will start hallucinating and hurt friendly troops and buildings. (Healers heal your own troops, Skeletons go to your team)

Cost: 15 Magic Dust

Radius: 10 Tiles

Creating Time: 2 Hours

Duration: 15 seconds

When this bottle of Powder hits the ground, a circle with all kind of colors(mostly pink) appears, and the colors keep changing, plays a weird sound that sound like switching frequencies. All items them get affected gets dizzy swirls above them.

More Ideas In Part 2.

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