• N4T$U69

    Hey guys, its your boy Natsu here. Just looking for some advice (again) in tackling any of these bases below in a           clan war.



    #3: I already 3 starred him



    I am a TH8 and my preferred attack strategy is the GoWiPe followed closely by Mass Dragons. I have the folling troops:

    Level 6: Barb King

    Level 5: Barbarians, Archers, Wallbreakers, Wizards.        + He…

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  • N4T$U69

    Hey guys. My IGN is N4tsu69 and am in need of suggestions on how to take on bases like these:

    I've tackelled harder bases but after a break from clash I seem out of it.

    I am a TH8 thats closed to maxing everything out and i have the following troops/spells/heroes:

    With what i have can anyone suggest ways to attack the above 2 bases the ensures at least a two star. THNX

    Yours Sincerley,


    EDIT:  Thanks for all your advices guys. I really appreciate it. In the end…

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