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  • NightDrawn

    Boost you Drills, Mines, ands Collectors, because starting today you can boost them all for one gem only! And the catch? THEY LAST ONE WEEK EACH!

    Let's all wish Clash of Clans a happy second anniversary and get boosting! I'll be off swimming in my resources now!

    (NOTE: This deal ends August 7th so don't miss out on it!)

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  • NightDrawn

    So I was searching around the subreddits and came across this. I read through the comments on it and thought it would be an interesting discussion to start up.

    Here's the summary:

    A clan named "Farming Kings" had been deleted due to a young immature kid that had co-leader and edited the clan description to include a VERY rude statement towards someone in the clan "InTheDark". 

    It was not stated that the clan had personal rivalry issues with one another and a former member of the clan (not named) wrote that "It was not directed at a specific player (the clan description statement), and we just joke around. We had no warning of this ban."

    Although with further conversion development, the Official CoC account countered by saying "Just to reiterate…

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  • NightDrawn

    Hey guys I have a day left until my townhall upgrades to 8 and was looking through townhall 8 base layouts but I can't find one that suits me. I'm searching for either a defense or trophy base layout and if you guys have any pictures, links, and etc please share! 

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  • NightDrawn

    Hey guys I was thinking about CoC one day and came up with some pretty interesting ideas for the game. 

    I want you to give me your thoughts on them and if you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to comment them below!


    So my first idea is a pretty basic one that many people have talked about, Which is Clan Castle reinforcements. Everyone hates to log onto CoC and see that their high-level, powerful troops they had been waiting to use in the clan castle are now gone. So I think they should make an update where you have the ability to store the troops for later or deploy them when attacked. It would be simple for Supercell to make an update for this and it would make most players much more happy.


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