So I was searching around the subreddits and came across this. I read through the comments on it and thought it would be an interesting discussion to start up.

Here's the summary:

A clan named "Farming Kings" had been deleted due to a young immature kid that had co-leader and edited the clan description to include a VERY rude statement towards someone in the clan "InTheDark". 

It was not stated that the clan had personal rivalry issues with one another and a former member of the clan (not named) wrote that "It was not directed at a specific player (the clan description statement), and we just joke around. We had no warning of this ban."

Although with further conversion development, the Official CoC account countered by saying "Just to reiterate this is not an accurate reflection of the severity of the actual text." And after this they further explained the issue and what happened exactly.

This means that the statement written in the clan description was much worse (and if you are wondering what that is you can visit the link and read what it was there). 

Multiple people in the subreddit gave their own opinions on the situation and the decisions Supercell made. Most came from one of two sides:

1. The clan deserved to be deleted because of that one member's action (making the bad clan description)


2. The clan did not deserve to be deleted because it was one member's fault. That member should have been the only one banned or kicked out.

So what side would you be on? One or two? Or if both of those sides don't suit your beliefs, what side do you have on it? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this issue. And if you didn't understand something or have a question about the issue, feel free to ask me! I have read over the subreddit two times and know all about it.

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