Hey guys I was thinking about CoC one day and came up with some pretty interesting ideas for the game. 

I want you to give me your thoughts on them and if you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to comment them below!


So my first idea is a pretty basic one that many people have talked about, Which is Clan Castle reinforcements. Everyone hates to log onto CoC and see that their high-level, powerful troops they had been waiting to use in the clan castle are now gone. So I think they should make an update where you have the ability to store the troops for later or deploy them when attacked. It would be simple for Supercell to make an update for this and it would make most players much more happy.

A New Defensive Building!

"The Hydro Pump will make sure to drown all troops in its path with its advanced spray technology! Electrocute nasty P.E.K.K.As and Witches and extinguish the Dragon's fiery breath!"

(Keep in mind this won't actually stop Pekkas, Witches, and Dragons from attacking it's just one of those cool type of descriptions that Supercell does for its buildings and troops)

Name: Hydro Pump (all stats will be at level one)

Damage Per Second: 25

Damage Per Shot: 20

Hit Points: 450 (Due to the fact the townhall would be lvl 11)

Range: 8 Tiles

Damage Type: Area Splash (Since it's water it just makes sense. It could also be single target if you think area splash is too OP)

Targets: Ground & Air

Favorite Targets: Dragon, P.E.K.K.A, and Witch (Damage x2)

Cost: 2,000,000 Gold

Build Time: 1 Day

Thanks for reading and please give me any ideas, suggestions, modifications, and so on so that these ideas could some day become reality.

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